Sunday, September 19, 2010

Intuition is Simple; the Intellect, Complex

In an age where complexity is growing exponentially, sensitive and aware souls cry out for simplicity. Not necessarily the simplicity of camping or farming (neither of which are really simple at all), but, in reality, a simplicity of heart and a state of inner peace.

Don't you find that, as I am doing right now, sitting at the computer, using a cell phone, driving, working over a spreadsheet to be a bit unnerving especially day after day? There is in our modern, electromagnetic lifestyle a tangible visceral feeling of being edgy, slightly nervous, and a tad bit anxious.

Few of us are in a position to join the Luddites and banish all electronic devices from our lives, nor do most of us even want to. Fortunately there is a simpler solution and, as you might have guessed, it's INSIDE you!

I have had the privilege and blessing to have known Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Now here's a man who actually likes the latest gadget. At the same time he is completely lacking in any trace of excitement about any of them, nor is his peace of mind imposed upon in the slightest by them. Oh, yes, he's lost his share of documents by a power outage or some other computer glitch (whether due to his own actions or otherwise).

What he has that I want to have more of is that simplicity of heart, that clarity of mind, and that deep relaxation of form that is reflected in his natural but erect posture, his quick smile, deeply calm eyes, and ever-new, creative solutions and new ideas that flow seemingly without effort from, as he describes it, his "fertile brain."

The antidote to modern complexity is a flow of movement of thoughts, feelings, and actions from within oneself. The crushing influences (electromagnetic or human) that crowd around us can stifle any sense of our true and unique Self. Combining periods of quiet, inward reflection and stillness born of the science of meditation techniques with an active life that stays in touch with one's own center (good posture helps a lot, more than you might suppose) brings such vitality, poise, confidence, and in-joy-ment to life that you will never want to slump back into your "bad old haunts" of lousy posture and reactive tendencies.

So, sit up straight but relaxed! Look up. Now, open your palms upward on your thighs or even hold them up a few inches above as if a gift is about to dropped into them! See? You can't help but smile, relax, and be ready for new opportunities!

Intuition, Paramhansa Yogananda explained, is the soul's power to know God. Now that sounds mighty big. But bring it down to size in this way: the power to know anything instantly, without resort to cumbersome reason, blood, sweat or tears, or even Google, is something worth having. And it's right inside you: in fact you may find it at the point between the eyebrows, or in your own heart (depending somewhat on your own temperament).

Those who live by inspiration, by inner guidance, and by intuition (all words for the same level of consciousness) are those for whom life is a steady flow that brings the cool jet stream of inner peace, vitality and wisdom. Even in writing this little piece, I had the idea that perhaps I should say something about what is, in fact, today's Sunday Service topic at the Ananda Centers around the world. I had no idea what to say until I began typing. I was confident something could be said. There is no emphasis upon me: truth is truth. All I need to try to do is to tune into it. And, in fact, that's what I have tried to do.

Blessings, Hriman

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