Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Many are the pathways: Frankfurt, German

Dear Friends,

Padma and I are in Europe. A few days (a long weekend) on the eastern coast of Ireland, south of Dublin (just fabulous!). And, now, in Frankfurt, Germany, at the world's largest publishing convention. Here publishers from nearly every country in the world come to show their books and offer them to other countries for translation and publication.

Padma has been coming here at least twenty years! She's established friendly relations with like-minded publishers in Europe and Asia. This year she's taken on the line of books by Joesph Cornell (Bharat) who as kriyacharya living at Ananda Village has become a world renown inspiration in the field of nature awareness.

Here one sees walking by our booth (called a "stand") every nation and every representative of consciousness one is likely to encounter. It is a form of yoga practice to see all with, as Krishna says in the Gita, an "equal eye." Not always easy, mind you, but good practice I can assure you.

In addition one sees many spiritual traditions, lineages, and teachers represented. We are in the English Exhibition Hall which includes Great Britain (Ireland included) as well as a few other countries. The size of this show is enormous. The Frankfurt Messe (Fair) grounds comprises many acres and many large buildings, most multiple floors.

In general, therefore, this is a microcosm of the world. The least represented nations would be Moslem nations and African nations. The most represented are Asian and European (including American). Nonetheless, in a relatively small space one "sees it all." This is doubly so because in addition to the "vaishyas" (businessmen and women) are the general (mostly local German) public who purchase tickets to browse the fair grounds.

Therefore the theme of many paths is an obvious one. Apart from national characteristics the most important and most intriguing aspect to me is the representation of the full range of caste-consciousness: from the sudras to the brahmins (who are in relative short supply!). Yes, the Vaishyas are the most represented, but that is by trade, not by consciousness!

What I "enjoy" the most is to see written into the faces of thousands the state of mind and the level of consciousness so wondrously presented by Divine Mother. The fact that ba-zillions of book titles (representative of the same) are face out (read: in your face) just adds to the divine circus.

I can never but reflect what a sheltered life I lead among the brahmins and spiritual kshatrias (warriors). I don't mean this judgementally, just that I am not exposed to such a wide range of people normally. The result is always something of a shock or at least I am left in a vibrational daze of sorts.

Travel is always hardest on sadhana and on diet. As we stay on the lovely home with some very high-minded friends, we have relatively good control on both. But the demands of a trade show do take their toll and I look forward to home-coming as well.

Padma meets with fellow publishers every year who have become friends travelling in their own ways the path of service. This year our booth location changed (first time in many years) and we face the Krishnamurti booth. Gyanic and philosohical. A loud and somewhat irritating visual and audio sale pitch for learning Chinese blares at us from across the corridor, diagonally. The constant hum of conversations fills this enormous hall as I type furiously the results of each meeting Padma has with publishers. This year I spontaneously am attempting to photograph each publisher for Padma's records. Everyone seems to love having a photo!

I practice sending out vibrations of peace and divine love to each passerby (and there are thousands)! It's my main job, really. It's also my main sadhana, given the circumstances. I go outside from time to time (there's a little prana in the air) to energize once in a while.

Haribol to the soul of Divine Mother entrancingly manifest in an infinity of faces. Blessings, to all from Frankfurt, German!