Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm still here. I will finish the 8-Fold Path series, soon. Life at Ananda Seattle has been very full. Today the residents of Ananda Community set aside a day of retreat: meditation, service projects, meals, discussion, and chanting together. We dedicated the day not only to a re-affirmation of our ideals and way of life, but to the memory of Narada (James) Agee, a resident and friend-to-all who died suddenly less than two weeks ago, on April 26. We hope to post a blog entry soon on the AnandaSeattle/blog with a simple biography and stories of inspiration from friends around the country.

At home we had guests - Padma's cousins from Austria visiting. It was enjoyable even if in our enjoyment the emails and inbaskets silently accumulated. So, no excuses but it's been a full time. Underneath a quiet satisfaction holds a space where ripples and rumbles of challenges: personal, family, friends, work and Community -- come and go. Quantity and quality vie for supremacy. Depth and breadth rise up like Ike and Mike in a comedy routine. The only thing to do is to show up. You have to be present to "win."

The world (is it just mine? I doubt it) seems to be an unsettled place right now. Even Spring can't make up her mind. So, onwards to the 8-Fold Path series.

Aum, Hriman