Sunday, August 8, 2010

Success is One (Won)!

Today I and hundreds of others travel to Ananda Village, CA on pilgrimage for an annual week of Spiritual Renewal with Swami Kriyananda, founder of the worldwide work of Ananda. Our subject is the new era of consciousness known by its Indian astrological name, Dwapara (or Second Age). Our era is estimated to be of some 2,400 years in length and to have begun about 100 years ago. It is characterized by an increasing awareness of energy as the reality beyond the multitude of forms. During this cycle of the ages we will advance rapidly in the "conquest" of space as the technology of energy unleashes new forms of communication and travel..

I have the privilege and opportunity of a brief talk this coming week on the meaning and form of success in such an age. Success in the last two thousand years or so was defined by mass and size, and determined by conquest and one's birth. Land was the primary measure of wealth and the power over others and their production that came with ownership. Success meant control and domination.

As we've moved away from the prior age, money and ownership of the means of production have been the measure thus far of our wealth and success. But this is a transitional step as old ways and new ways vie for expression. Note how suddenly we are seeing currencies and all forms of monetary measurement and wealth being eroded by the trillions. Instead, the onset of Dwapara Yuga shows us that information, intelligence, skills and adaptability are the measure of value and success of a human being.

Success will become increasingly defined by integration, balance, and harmony. Cooperation rather than conquest will and is becoming the language of successful people. Success in health means cooperation with laws of natural health and healing; in relationships at work, at home, and in government, cooperation, respect, and mutual support will lead to the greatest success as we recognize that we, and all life of this planet, are united by common goals and interests (regardless of race, creed, caste, or form (human or otherwise)).

Spiritually speaking, success means finding true, and lasting happiness. Happiness is found by seeking it where it exists: within ourselves. Thus meditation will become the dominant characteristic of spirituality where seekers find inner peace, creativity, joy, and vitality at their source. We become devotees when we re-discover the intuitive, soul knowledge that that happiness is not ours alone but is the very nature of creation, of all matter and that behind this energy and consciousness lies the Infinite consciousness of Spirit.

Success is One(ness)!  Joy to you, Hriman

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